Shows – Positive Negative Man, Unrighteous Creature & Ancient Pistol Show Posters

+-Man Somerville PA's Lounge 1-21-2016+-Man Manchester NH Tin Roof Tavern 12-5-2015+-Man Lowell Ward 8 9-26-2015+-Man Lowell Thirsty First 3-12-2016+-Man Cantab 9-24-2015+-Man Baldwinville Otter River a+- Man Westminster Farmers Market 5-8-2015+- Man Watertown WEMF 5-30-2015+- Man Somerville Radio 3-9-2013 Radio+- Man Somerville PAs 7-25-2012+- Man Somerville PAs 2-26-2015+- Man Quincy Beachcomber 4-4-2015 400+- Man Malden MATV 3-5-2016+- Man Lunenburg Drawbridge 8-16-2013  Drawbridge Theater+- Man Jamaica Plain The Midway Cafe 6-3-2015+- Man Haverhill Chit Chat Club 8-1-2015 400+- Man Concord NH Pit Road Lounge 11-7-2015 400+- Man Cambridge Out of the Blue Gallery 3-13-2015+- Man Cambridge Harvard U 7-24-2015 a a+- Man Cambridge Cantab 8-29-2013 Cantab+- Man Cambridge Cantab 2-11-2016 400

Swampscott Aug 2012Cambridge Cantab Lounge 7-26-12+- Man Cambridge Cantab 1-8-2015 400 AP travel to PA 2-8-07 AP in PA 2-8-07 AP in Fitchburg 7-19-10 AP A Unos Ojos Acrid Colors AP in Salem  August 27, 2010 b AP in Fitchburg 7-19-10 b AP in PA 2-8-07c

3-15-2014 Worcester Ralph's +-Man Ships, Worcester 5-24-20142-14-2013 Cantab 2-21-2014 Cantab 3-9-2013 Radio 4-25-2013 Cantab 6-21-2013 Radio 7-12-2013 Somerville PAs Lounge Somerville PAs 7-11-2012 Somerville PAs 7-18-2012 Somerville PAs 7-25-2012 bSalem Ord St Art Show October 28, 2011Barre Arts Festival October 22, 2011Maynard Farmers Market Sept 10, 2011AP Art Installation 12-2010AP ad Noise 5-1AP the Philly ExperimentWashingtonDC Skewers ELI Conference Party 3-23-2012ap_at_f+i_3-8-06Natick Music Go Round 8-2012 b


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